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Lost Memories: Memento & The Bourne Identity

Imagine you lose your memory and forget your past. Everyone becomes a stranger… What would you do? Would you reinvent yourself or try to find your identity? Memory loss is a key feature in Memento and The Bourne Identity. I’m looking into both films in one article. Memento (2000) Leonard (Guy Pearce) looks at a photograph of a dead guy when Memento starts. The […]

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Sci-Fi At Its Best: 5 Classic Alien Invasion Films

Let’s talk sci-fi, specifically the alien invasion sub-genre! Ever since the 1950s – the decade which saw the sci-fi genre really take off – audiences and mainstream filmmakers have been mad about the idea of aliens invading Earth. And I’m not surprised either: how can anyone resist the lure of escapist spectacle and the chance […]

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Blue Jay (2016)

What would you do if you ran into an ex-partner at a supermarket? In Blue Jay, Jim (Mark Duplass) and Amanda (Sarah Paulson), two high school sweethearts catch up on old times, after they see each other in a grocery store. It’s clear these two have a troubled history. This film is quick to generate our interest. […]

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