Triangle (2009)

Triangle: how to talk about this movie without giving anything away?

Perhaps a good start would be to praise Christopher Smith for coming up with such a unique, mind-boggling story, that demands your attention. This brain-twisting film starts out like any other. Jess (Melissa George), a single mother of an autistic son goes on a boating trip with a group of friends.

After their boat is upturned in a freak storm, they aboard an approaching Ocean liner, called the Aeolus. Onboard, they expect salvation, but the ship is completely deserted. Well, not completely… There’s a masked assailant on the ship and he or she doesn’t take too kindly to the new guests. Let me be clear: this is NOT a slasher film. It’s something much deeper.

melissa george

I love strange, open-ended and ambiguous films, with unconventional plots that force you to interpret the meaning. I genuinely enjoy trying to work out fragmented and confusing narratives. I know a lot of people don’t like this, as I understand confusing films can ruin the enjoyment for some viewers.

Be sure to give Triangle a chance, if you’re one of those people. It’s truly unique, yet confusing on the first watch. I’m pretty sure everyone involved in the making of the film, must have had a hard time keeping up with the film’s complexities.

There are a fair few moments in this film, where you will be probably shouting something along the lines of “What the F***!” Creepy moments, eerie atmospheres, deja vu and a masked vigilante causing mayhem aboard a boat, all contribute to a wonderfully original film.

It features Australian actors using some questionable American accents, especially from Melissa George. This is only a minor setback for an otherwise, high-quality performance as the lead. As we are introduced to the group, there is an ever-expanding sense of mystery.

We have nice guy Greg (Michael Dorman), who organised the day trip aboard his yacht. There’s Sally (Rachel Carpani) and her husband, Downey (Henry Nixon), as well as their friend Heather (Emma Lung). And finally, there is Liam Hemsworth as Victor. Most of these characters are barely developed, but Triangle is Jess’ story and the film is about her personal journey.

The violent storm destroys their plans, but things get even worse aboard the Aeolus. An uncomfortable atmosphere is created from the get-go, as Jess feels like there is something wrong with the boat. Is it supernatural? Is it occult? What emerges is a situation far more terrifying than Jess could have ever imagined. She and her friends are faced not only with a masked maniac but with an otherworldly boat.

Triangle both refers to the name of Greg’s boat and the Bermuda Triangle, which is where the group travel to. Although I really enjoyed it, I thought the film would have been even better, if it had a clearer message, and also if the history of the Aeolus was further explored.



This is an impressive effort. It’s an intelligent, complex mystery thriller that’s well worth checking out. Are you bored of predictable storylines? Fed up with unoriginal plots? Then go see Triangle!

(No trailer here because it’s too spoiler-heavy!)

Directed and written by: Christoper Smith

Stars: Melissa George, Joshua McIvor, Liam Hemsworth

Distributor: Icon Film Distribution

Run Time: 99 minutes


4 thoughts on “Triangle (2009)

  1. I’ve only seen this once but I remember it pretty well (the mark of a good film!) and it was interesting. Great review, you’ve made me want to watch it again!! 🙂

    Melissa George is in so many horror/thriller films haha.

    If you like ambiguous films have you seen Kill List? Man that film is ambiguous and weird but SO GOOD!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I haven’t really seen any Melissa George in anything else. I’ll have to look out for her. And yeah, I have seen Kill List. Really enjoyed that, very weird and unexpected.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yay! I know there’s lots of ambiguous films out there but Kill List always springs to mind, it’s so weird (and great!)

        Since she left Home & Away she’s just been in a lot of US horror films.

        30 Days of Night, The Amityville Horror, A Lonely Place to Die, Turistas, Triangle of course….she’s getting a Queen of Scream reputation haha. And probably more too!

        Liked by 1 person

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