Coherence (2014)

A dinner party brings together eight thirty-something friends, during the passage of a comet. This comet causes cracked phone screens, a neighbourhood power cut and malevolent influences down the street. But there’s still hope, they think, as the group spot a house with the lights still on. When they go and check it out, they unknowingly cross the “dark zone”,  a nightmarish place that shatters their entire existence.


You didn’t think a passing comet could cause that must damage, did you? Nope, me neither. Going into this film, be ready for a mind-twister, because Coherence does everything in the name of sci-fi, to be anything but coherent. The narrative is constantly perplexing, but that is what makes Coherence so engrossing. Featuring a story that’s rich with scientific ideas, you have to pay close attention to detail. By the way, please don’t watch any clips or read any reviews (even though you’re reading one now), because running into spoilers will completely kill this film for you.

Mixing night-time suspense, dinner chat and quantum physics, you get a highly entertaining, low budget sci-fi, that unfolds in thrilling fashion. Gradually, the secret is revealed, intersected with major twists and surprises. All the more impressive is how the film manages to build strong characters while exploring intense science-fiction concepts.


I generally like sci-fi movies that lack visual excess, are well produced on a limited budget, and present mind-bending ideas. Coherence certainly fits the bill. Overall, it’s a well-realised, grounded and inventive piece. Made for attentive viewers, sci-fi lovers and true film fans, Coherence is a compelling mystery.

Here’s the trailer. It’s not that spoiler-heavy, but check it out at your own discretion.

Directed and written by: James Ward Byrkit

Stars: Emily Baldoni, Nicholas Brendan, Maury Sterling, Lorene Scafaria, Elizabeth Gracen, Hugo Armstrong

Distributor: Oscilloscope

Run Time: 89 minutes.

What’s your favourite Sci-Fi? Let me know what you thought of Coherence in the comment section!


7 thoughts on “Coherence (2014)

  1. Hi Liam,

    My kind of movie, as I am an avid fan of Sci- Fi. Multi billion movie films are not usually good as a low budget. Doesn’t need to have a lot of money spent to make it interesting. But Coherance sounds an unusual film. By the way, I watched a film called “Beast of no Nation” check
    it out on on the web, Netflix.

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  2. Great that someone is reviewing the “smaller” low budget films rather just the blockbusters at the cinema. I like you really enjoyed this one as the characters were engrossing and had some fantastic ideas that made sense. I found it more accessible than the film ‘Primer’, which gave me a headache. Great post as usual.

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