5 of the Best Feel-Good Movies You Should See

‘Feel-Good’ movies are mushy, we all know that, but they always put you in a good mood. They’re the perfect pick-me-up, driven only by optimism. They can be watched anytime and in any place, and the best ones take you by surprise. Feel-good movies let you switch off and forget about things for a while. […]

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Personal Shopper (2017): A Captivating Ghost Thriller

Fusing different styles, themes and cinematic directions, Personal Shopper is an intriguing puzzle box movie. I can’t explain everything I saw in this film, but there’s no doubting its quality. Going into this, you have to be prepared for serious, artsy cinema, as it’s a testing watch. So, here’s what it’s all about… Maureen (Kristen […]

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