Logan (2017)

Logan is brutal, merciless and hellishly entertaining. This is the R-rated Wolverine movie that I have been waiting for! Hardcore fans of Wolverine will know he’s ultra-violent and ruthless. It’s safe to say the tenth X-Men movie finally gets the character exactly right. Logan digs deeper into the character, exploring in more depth his struggle to contain his savage side.

More like a survivalist thriller than a superhero movie

Going into this film, it’s perfectly fine to have never seen an X-Men or a Wolverine movie in your life. It’s world’s apart from the other films, in terms of tone and style, so Logan works well as a stand-alone feature. It’s grounded and character-driven, making it so much more than just a regular superhero movie.


Set in 2029, Hugh Jackman plays Wolverine for the ninth time, but this isn’t a Wolverine we’ve seen before. Now he’s an aged and haggard hero, making a living as limo-driver and whose regeneration powers are in decline. This is a superhero past his prime. He doesn’t have impeccable stamina and strength like he once did. In this near future, Logan has been keeping a low profile, taking care of a seriously ill Charles Xavier (Stewart).

All Logan wants is a life away from the limelight, but he gets involved with an eleven-year-old girl named Laura (Keen), who is being hunted by a militant group. So, now he’s forced to keep a young girl and old man safe from people who want them dead. Tough gig for Logan. The film takes you on a long, bloody journey and the trio leaves behind a trail of chaos.

Diverting from genre conventions, every scene in this film feels necessary for the character development. We all know that superhero films and action movies, in general, don’t care too much for narrative and intelligent dialogue. Logan takes a more natural approach. Yes, there are many bloody scenes with Wolverine tearing people to shreds, but the film puts the story first and takes the time to tell it.


Brutally exciting

The violence is where the film calls for it, but be warned, it is extreme! I’m talking so much blood and dismemberment that the prophetic team must have made a fortune. From an acting standpoint, the performances are brilliant all-around. This is Jackman’s best performance as Wolverine by a country mile. For the first time, you don’t only see a beast with claws, but a broken man trying to do what’s right. Dafne Keen as Laura is also impressive and she reminded me of Hit Girl from Kick-Ass.

Despite the ferocious final act, the first half of the film is better than the second. It’s much more evenly paced and I feel as a whole, it could have been cut down by about twenty-five minutes. The story drags on a bit towards the end. But regardless of this, Logan is hugely enjoyable. It manages to be an action film, a character study and a serious drama all at once.



The best comic-book movie in recent years: ambitious, ballsy, daring and unconventional. This is the perfect end to Hugh Jackman’s run. I can’t see anyone else playing Wolverine, so it’s a shame he’s calling it a day. Logan is very good, a welcome watch I highly recommend.

Check out the trailer below!

Quoted: “Logan, you still have time.”

Director: James Mangold

Writers: James Mangold, Scott Frank, Michael Green.

Stars: Hugh Jackman, Patrick Stewart, Dafne Keen.

Distributor: 20th Century Fox (Theatrical)

Run Time: 137 min


2 thoughts on “Logan (2017)

  1. Logan is certainly one of the most unique superhero movies I’ve seen. It’s a dramatic shift from what we’re used to, and it works surprisingly well. I thought it was a fresh take on the genre, and a great character study of one of our most beloved superheroes. It’s a shame to think this is the end of the line for Hugh Jackman, but it was quite a remarkable run. It’s pretty cool to see how much he’s transformed into the character throughout the years.

    I do agree that the first half is stronger than the second, and in my opinion that’s largely due to a particular character that ends up turning the whole movie on its head.In addition, the movie’s main villain ends up being kind of a dud, despite his strong showing early on. So it’s certainly not without its issues, but still a daring success. Nice review!

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    1. Thanks for the in depth comment! Logan is a refreshing superhero film, could have done without the last half hour or so. And yeah that particular character was a bit of cop out, but I did still enjoy the turn of events.

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