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Zodiac (2007)

There are crime films and then there are TRUE crime films. Zodiac falls into the latter category. It’s based on California’s notorious Zodiac killings, in which the killer in question took great pride in giving clues by sending letters to the press. Yet still, the cops hit brick wall after brick wall in their pursuit. “The Zodiac” was […]

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5 Alternative Christmas Films To Watch

“The most wonderful time of the year” is a time for family and sharing, but it’s also the period where TV is filled to the brink with loads of cheesy Christmas films. I don’t hate Christmas movies, but I just don’t go out of my way to find new ones every year. There are a […]

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Captain America: Civil War (2016)

Captain America: Civil War devours every minute of its 147 minute run time, escalating the Marvel Cinematic Universe to speculative new heights. In a departure from typical genre conventions, the Russo brothers’ film demands retribution for the superheroes’ collateral damage, which has contributed to much death and destruction around the world. Which side are you […]

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